In our shop in Svoge you can find home electrical appliances, spare parts and materials from world-known and Bulgarian manufacturers.

The shop is also a distributor of Husqvarna and Moeller for the area.

Additional services:

  • Procurement of equipment by catalogue;
  • Payment by instalments;
  • Transportation;
  • Installation.

  • Магазинът на Петър Електрик

    Here you will find:

  • Home electrical appliances
    Аристон        Беко        Горение
    Индезит        Краун        Самсунг
    Ел Джи        Целмер        Сони
    Панасоник        Теси        Дипломат

  • Small Home electrical appliances
    Пролукс        Елит        Сапир
    Мулинекс        Солак        Филипс

  • Air conditioners
    Самсунг        Фуджицу        Мидея

  • Power tools and accessories
    Хускварна        Спарки        Бош

  • Electrical materials and Spares
  • Plumbing and ventilation materials
  • Lighting
  • Cabels
  • Household products

    As a distributor and an engineering partner of Moeller we offer competitive prices and short terms of delivery of electrical components, boards and equipment..


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